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We're here to support your employee to transition to their next job.


RESUME: We will transfer your resume to our new resume format, get it aligned to 1 role, and you meet with a writer for 30 minutes toPhoenix brand yourself and pull out more metrics if needed. We grammar check, send it to you, and you add to it or use it as needed.

See resume templates here to choose from.

COACHING: You get 3 hours or 6 (30) minute coach sessions in total via Zoom to use during this process to be successful.

ORGANIZE: We set up your alerts and organize your job search on our Career5 platform.

Career5 Roadmap Platform

LINKEDIN: We give you LinkedIn instructions to copy the info from your newly branded resume onto LinkedIn and optimize it for recruiters.

BRAND VALUE PITCH: We define your unique value,  your mission, and figure out your top-level metrics and role-play around how you can bring value to new companies.  We look at ways of how to get authentically confident in this process. This is at the core of landing more offers.

APPLY: We show you how to use your new resume to effectively apply (align to new roles, keyword optimize, and reach out to network around the role).

NETWORK: We role play with what to say when networking.

REVERSE RECRUIT: We reverse recruit you to 500+ of the right people. If you don't get a job from this in 1 month, we will reverse recruit you to another 500 for free.

INTERVIEW: We show you how to interview to land more roles using our consultative strategy.

PRACTICE: Use our Interview practice software.

NEGOTIATE: We show you how to negotiate for a much higher salary using data and a unique strategy that typically gets $2K-$20K more for the graduate/pro level.

ONBOARD: We show you how to onboard well to be successful in your new role.

The price for membership is $999.00 now and then $49.00 per Month.