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THE GOAL: To show you how to manage your own job search, cut your search in 1/2, land a high-quality role, and earn $3K-$50K more depending on your salary level.

EXEC Level uses Executive Level Account Managers, Coaches, and additional time consulting strategically to get higher-tier results.

✓HUMAN SUPPORT: A Career Customer Success Manager & Executive Coach are assigned to you. These are strategic consultants and executive coaches with high levels of education and/or work experience that have been trained on our proven Rapid Job Search Strategy© framework. Our staff prides themself on ensuring your success.
✓ RESUME REVIEW: We review your Resume & LinkedIn and make recommendations.
✓ CADENCE: Set up a schedule with your coach with a pace to move forward.
✓ BRAND VALUE COACHING: We work with you 1-on-1 to brand your unique value and get authentically confident with what you have to offer companies.

✓ ORGANIZE: We set up your entire search (Job Search Tracker Board) and job alerts.
✓ RESOURCES: We give you a profile on the Career5 Membership Site (Rapid Job Search Strategy Course - see below).
✓ STRATEGY: We coach you on the  Rapid Job Search Strategy© to cut your job search in 1/2 (where to focus efforts, how to apply, and how to stand out and land the offers) via a video.
✓ APPLICATION PROCESS: We show you how to effectively keyword optimize, align your resume, apply, and effectively network out around the role.
✓ REVERSE RECRUIT: We use our Job Search Accelerator© Service for you by curating a list of up to 500 hiring authorities per month for two months based on your criteria and networking you out on your behalf through LinkedIn and email. You just answer replies. You have complete control over who we contact.

✓ INTERVIEW PREP COACHING: We coach you on how to interview to land offers using our consultative strategy.
✓VIDEO EMAIL SUPPORT: We're there to keep you moving through this process. We set the cadence to check in with you.
✓SALARY COACHING:  Includes a salary consulting session and a video tutorial on how to  Salary Negotiate for a value-based salary to fully help you through the salary negotiations process (shows you how to data analyze the market, role, experience, signing bonuses, and compensation packages, and give you scripts based on the value and track record you bring when you are negotiating).
✓ Discounted additional coaching sessions PRO; 30 ($75)  and 60($149) minute increments) saving you up to $50 per hour.
✓ Discounted additional coaching sessions EXEC; 30 ($100)  and 60($199) minute increments) saving you up to $50 per hour.

What's in the Career5 Membership Site + Rapid Job Search® Course 

✓ Career5 Platform & Rapid Job Search ® Course
✓ Coaching Video Courses/Step-By-Step Instruction/ Community Platform

✓Resume templates with our unique framework that get you noticed 10X more!
Topics: Search Mindset, Branding/Developing Your Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile, Rapid Job Search Strategy, Networking Scripts, Interview Prep, Value-Based Job Search and Salary Negotiations, etc.
✓ Interview Prep Interactive Software Practice

Results: 95% of people get a job from this. Those that have not were not adhering to the program or moved on due to other life events.
✓ We get you noticed 10X faster.
✓ You feel fully supported throughout the entire process so you can focus on landing the roles.
✓Attract high-quality roles and justify higher salaries.
✓Land more offers.
✓We network you out faster to get in front of the broken job post process.
✓Negotiate effectively for salaries up to $5K-$50K higher.
✓No more feeling fearful.
✓Use this consultative strategy moving forward throughout your career.

No Risk Guarantee: We guarantee that if you follow this Rapid Job Search Program framework, 1) your package will pay for itself (with saving wasted time and being able to salary negotiate well), 2) you will get interviews within one month of running this program, and 3) land a role within 3 months. If any of these 3 things fail to happen, we will jump on a free 30-minute call.