RAPID BRANDED RESUME & CL -PRO LEVEL with Video Recommendations

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Rapid Resume & Cover Letter w/ Video Recommendations  + Career5 Coaching & Course Membership

✓Fill out a quick discovery document with key questions.
✓Send old resume or LinkedIn pdf.
✓We transfer your resume to your template of choice w/ our unique framework 
✓We align to one job you send.
✓Pick header and color of choice.
✓Writers develop for you and send a video with recommendations so you can finish.
✓Use video to guide you through developing your own brand on your resume.
✓ Includes Career5 Video/Coaching Membership Platform.
✓ Includes weekly asynchronous coaching to stay on track.

✓ Get noticed 10X faster.
✓Attract high-quality roles.
✓Justify higher salaries.