BRAND PACKAGE- Resume, CL, & LinkedIn Development w/ up to 2-Hours Branding Session + Career5 Roadmap Membership (EXEC)

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Branded Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile Development

✓Pick header and color of choice.
✓We transfer resume. Develop.
✓Brand unique metrics/abilities with virtual Executive Coach Session 30-min (PRO), 1-hr (MID), up to 2-Hours (EXEC).
✓Pick header and color of choice.
✓ Keyword-optimize/align for 1 role.
✓Craft a cover letter within the resume.
✓We proofread and send to you. You keep and finalize as needed.
✓ We develop and optimize your LinkedIn profile

Career5 Roadmap Membership
✓Rapid Job Search Roadmap© course to guide you step-by-step through the job search.
✓Rapid Job Search Strategy© shows you where to focus efforts.
✓Interview Prep Consultatvie Strategy© to land more interviews.
✓Video prep practice software
✓Value-Based Salary Negotiations©
✓Accountability partner
✓Weekly challenges/email cadence to inspire
Job Search Checklist to keep you on track
Job Search Track Google Sheet to organize leads
✓ Networking scripts, thank you/cover letter examples
✓ Discounted Executive Coaching (10% off)
Exit and Onboarding Strategies
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✓ Get noticed 10X faster.
✓Attract high-quality roles.
✓Justify higher salaries.