BRAND PRO- Resume, Custom Cover Letter, Keyword Optimize, 30-Minute Branding Session

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  • Recommended for professionals (under $100K) or those at higher levels whose resumes are in good shape overall but just need improvements such as a modern look, some better branding, or more metrics.
  • Resume Transferred by Writer to New Modern Template of Choice (Word or Google Docs) 
  • Developed & Aligned & Keyword Optimized for 1 Role
  • Crafted Cover Letter within Resume
  • 30-Minute Executive Coach Branding Session
  • Grammar Check and Send Final to You
  • Add LinkedIn Development for $100 at Checkout (or use our instructions to develop your own to be recruiter-ready)
  • 1 Revision
    *For resumes more than 3 pages that need to be transferred over- $25 per additional page.

Also comes with:

Rapid Job Search Strategy– Learn how to cut your job search in 1/2 using our proven strategy
LinkedIn Updating – Learn how to update your LinkedIn profile.
Scripts for Job Search – Thank you emails, networking emails, cover letter examples, and sample phone call scripts.
Alignment Video– We send you a video to show you how to align your new resume to new roles.
✓ Keyword Software – Use our software to keyword optimize for every job.

Package Results
Recruiters can read faster
✓Crafted cover letter (replaces the overview statement) saves 1-hour of prep time
✓Gets through ATS easily (not 2 columns)
✓ Gets noticed 10X faster
✓Attracts high-quality roles
✓Gets you authentically confident in your abilities

✓Justifies higher salaries