Accelerator Program for Professionals

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We get you quickly going, organized, marketed (resume), and networked out by day 5-7.

Day 1-4
✓ We assign you an Account Manager and Executive Coach through this entire process and set you up on a schedule.
✓ We develop your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn with our Branded Resume Package (PRO ) (see here). 
✓ Receive 2 hours of level-specific Executive Coaching
to use for Resume Branding & Networking/Interview Prep Strategy Session, Job Search Accountability, or any topic of your choice). Plus exchange emails with your coach
Day 5-7
✓Organize your leads on our Job Search Track Google Sheet to prioritize your efforts.
✓You learn about our Rapid Job Search Strategy© and give you free access to our Career5 membership platform during your job search.
We set you up on our Job Search Accelerator, networking you out on your behalf to up to 500+ people for 1 month through your LinkedIn and email. We pivot with new campaigns and new groups of people if needed and you jump on informational calls to get ahead of the posting process. At least 95% of our clients get jobs this way.
✓ Includes Guaranteed Salary Negotiations Coaching:  We are there with you through this process, research the data, make recommendations, and give you scripts for negotiations.
✓Use our Salary Negotiations lesson on the Career5 platform to learn how to negotiate for a value-based instead of market-rate salary to earn $5K-$50K+ more annually.
✓ Read about recommended Exit and Onboarding Strategy Lessons.

Salary Negotiations

✓ Cut your job search in 1/2.
✓Proactively target companies vs waiting for recruiters to find you.
✓Land more offers and have the ability to negotiate higher as a result.
✓Increase your career and salary trajectory by landing roles at better companies.
✓Start receiving much higher recruitment opportunities due to your new expansive network of targeted contacts.

We guarantee you will receive more job opportunities with this method and will provide a free coaching session if you have paid for this package, are following our strategy, and still not landing any offers. Upon start, if not satisfied with services, we will refund you any unused portions of your package.