Career, Income, & Impact Accelerator Program 12-Month Program

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Your career is one of your greatest financial and personal growth vehicles. Make it count! Work 1-on-1 with a level-specific Executive Coach for 30 minutes virtually each month to work on the following topics of a 5 part framework. You will receive assessments and coursework to supplement this process and will use the Career5 platform to keep you on track with an action plan:

  • Goal Setting & Performance-Based Mindset
  • Professional Branding & Executive Presence
  • Leadership, Organizational Growth, & Business Acumen
  • Partnerships & Networking Strategies
  • Intrapreneur & Salary Negotiations Strategies

Results: Clients typically are able to move to their next role and negotiate for a value-based salary of 10- 30%+ more, are more fulfilled in their roles, and utilize much of this knowledge in their personal lives as well. 

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