Full Service Rapid Job Search Package-Accelerated Job Search, 2-Hours Coaching, We Apply for 10 Jobs, We Organize Efforts.

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Full Support Job Search Package
Accelerated Job Search Package, 2-Hours Coaching Total, We Apply for 10 Jobs, We Organize Efforts..  (More info.) (PRO-salaries under $100K and EXECUTIVE-salaries $100K+).

After 1st month, package includes 1-Hour Executive Coaching monthly.

Assigned Level-Specific Executive Coaching & Account Manager

We set up your profile on our Career5 platform which includes our Rapid Job Search Strategy™, get you on a schedule using our Action Plan, and set up your Job Search Tracker so that your job search efforts are organized.

We review your resume/Linkedin and make suggestions for you to change (or purchase one of our packages)

ACCELERATED JOB SEARCH SERVICE  (We reach out to 300 people monthly on your behalf to get in front of the job posting process.)

Comes with 2-Hours Executive Coaching (Value Pitch/Interview Prep, and Weekly Accountability) and drops down to 1 hour monthly after with subscription.

We apply out for 10 of your targeted roles on your behalf. You send us the jobs.  We keyword optimize and align the resume and craft a cover letter message to the resume to submit. We find 3 influencers for each role for you to introduce yourself.

See details and package extras below.


  • Access to our Career5 platform and Rapid Job Search Roadmap® Course.
  • Career5 Rapid Job Search Strategy®
  • Networking Scripts and Thank You Letter Examples
  • Free access to our keyword optimization software (saves $49/mo) and video on how to use for every job application.

 LinkedIn Development