JOB SEARCH ACCELERATOR includes 30-Minutes of Coaching - EXECUTIVE Level

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✓We use a personalized level-specific strategy. We target different types of people and create more lists for Executives due to the nature of the search.
✓We pull a list of 400 targeted decision-makers a month based on your criteria; review list and delete any you don't want.
✓ We run the campaign through your LinkedIn profile or email, you respond
✓ 30-Minutes Initial Executive Coaching to practice what you will say/do when networking
✓  Resume and LinkedIn review/suggestions
✓ We keep going on your monthly subscription with 400 until you get your role.
✓ Keyword software to use during search (saves $49)
✓ Rapid Job Search Strategy®
✓ Networking scripts and cover letter examples
✓Receive a discounted Executive Coaching link to purchase additional 15, 30, or 60-minute sessions for questions until you get your job.