Accelerated Career Program

This well-researched 5-step program executed in 12 months is guaranteed to take your career and salary to the next level. People come back annually or every 2 years to keep their careers going.

Our research has shown time and time again that by focusing on these 2 programs, you will...

✓ Increase your salary (10-30%+)

✓ Have a better work-life balance and career satisfaction through learning prioritization and communication tactics.

✓ Significantly increase your career, salary, and personal growth trajectories.

✓ Be able to apply many subject matters to your home life as well (business acumen, leadership abilities, etc.)

✓Know how to strategize your networking to expand out on opportunities for your company.

✓Become an intrapreneur to create better impact and be able to negotiate for a value-based salary vs. market rate.

✓Be promoted more often toward growth roles and not be afraid to change roles when needed.

A monthly subscription program that can be canceled at any time.

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