"The set looks awesome. You guys did a great job.  I have been very impressed with the experience and the final product.  You have been flexible, consultative, and overall accommodating to get me in the best position possible. Looking forward to getting this out on the market. It's a much better representation of me. Thank you!!!!!" 

- Aaron H. VP of Strategy

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your service - I have had 15 requests for interviews, including companies like Twilio, Cognizant, and Google. I left you a glowing review on LinkedIn (as you so clearly deserve) and will be doing one for Google this week. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your amazing skills! I will absolutely be a return customer when the time comes to find my next challenge. :)"

Author's name- Beth B., Senior Product/Project Manager

Marketed her as a Senior Project Manager to transition to new role with title she deserved. Received a 65% salary increase ; 80X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"I couldn't believe the traction on my resume. I sent out 40 resumes and got 13 call for interviews. Before that, I heard almost nothing. I was a bit overwhelmed- a good problem to have. "

Elizabeth B., Senior Project Manager in Tech

Branded him well and ran the Accelerated Job Search Service which successfully moved him a VP level in a new company. Received a 25% salary increase ; 35X ROI from branded services and coaching.

"The Accelerated Job Search Service worked! I landed a job via one of the connections off the list and the resume. In week 3 of my new job, so far so good."

Robert K., VP of IT